Memento Mori: Month of the Holy Souls

Nov 1, 2021 | Blog Posts

We hope you enjoyed the October articles on the human body in theology. It’s a topic we hope to cover more in the future, especially topics related to John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.”

During November, we will be covering a few topics related to suffering, how we can do so with Christ, and how to help those who are suffering. We will again be posting only once a week, on Fridays, this month.

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Yesterday was Halloween, and today and tomorrow are special days in the Church year. We have a special reflection for you today on memento mori by Vir Christi.

Are you ready for your death?  So many things in the world attract us and take our attention away from the fact that we were made for eternity.  Beginning with Halloween at the end of October and all throughout November, the Church remembers in her prayers in a special way all those who have died.  We honor those who are in Heaven on November 1st, and then on All Souls’ Day (November 2nd) and during the rest of the month we pray for the souls in Purgatory.

Are you living as though each day could be your last?  God desires all men to be saved, but so few are willing to shed disordered attachments to the things of this world.  Purgatory is not a place of punishment, but one of purification; the souls there are being purged of venial sins and disordered attachment to possessions or sins with which they struggled in this world, and left unresolved before dying.

Are you remembering the dead? The Church has granted a special indulgence for remembering the dead all throughout November.  If you go to a cemetery and pray for the Holy Souls any day in November (and complete the other parts of the Holy Soul indulgence), you can win a plenary indulgence – total remission of all punishment for sins – for a soul in Purgatory, and allow them to triumphantly enter Heaven!  And best of all – they will remember what you did for them, and will pray all the more fervently for you to join them!

Are you ready for death and to remember the dead?  This is the month to do it!

Vir Christi

Vir Christi

Vir’s heart has been on fire for the Church from day one, and he dreams of the day when Constantinople will be a city again. He has a competitive drive satiated by sports and board games, but is also just as happy to sit down and read a good book for hours on end.


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