Who Are We?

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St. Joseph’s Shelf is a collection of articles focused on living the Catholic Faith in daily life.  It’s an answer to the common problem of our hearing plenty of theology preached from the pulpit, but little on how to live or apply it as laypersons living ordinary lives.  To put that in plainer terms:

Perhaps you’ve often heard priests talk about Confession.  Have you ever heard practical advice, though, on how to make a good examination of conscience?  How about making good resolutions so as to improve?  Do you know how to ask for advice when you’re struggling?

What about issues like mental health, family life, or sanctifying your work?  How about ways to practice virtues like gratitude, optimism, diligence, and humility—virtues which should form the fabric of a Catholic’s life?

Knowledge about these things is like a key that can unlock the doorway to a deep interior life.  That’s not to say you’ll become a saint in a month—growth in the spiritual life is generally slow and steady—but once you set out on the journey, your life will be transformed.

Browse through the library, then, and check out the blog for new articles every week.  Do you have questions or comments or a request for an article on a certain subject?  Drop us a line at thewriters@stjosephshelf.com or contact us here.  I and my fellow writers are not theological experts, but we’ve received good formation in the Catholic Faith and will do our best to provide you with solid answers in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Thank you for reading.  God Bless!