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Our Lady’s Basket is a free e-publication of St. Joseph’s Shelf for our subscribers. Each volume focuses on a different theme. Look for articles, reflections on artwork, book recommendations, and more from our regular (and guest) writers.

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Volume I: Renewal

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Recent Articles

Constancy: A Virtue for the Distracted

Many of us struggle to focus during our prayer, work, conversations, or leisure time. Enter the virtue of constancy. This little-known virtue is key in learning to focus and to fight temptations to procrastinate, multitask, and chase after distractions.

Do Tiny Sacrifices Matter?

Do minuscule sacrifices like passing on adding a bit of extra cream to your coffee matter? Are they of any worth? How?

Suicide: Why and How the Church Opposes This Evil

Many people have had their life touched by the issue of suicide. I, personally, have grappled with suicidal thoughts and witnessed the consequences of someone committing suicide. Amidst all the sorrow caused by this evil, we might ask:

What does the Catholic Church teach about suicide? Why? And what can you and I do?

Why Mary’s Assumption Matters to Us

Many Catholics know the Assumption is an important event in Mary’s life. However, they frequently fail to ask an essential question: What does the Assumption of Mary mean for you and me, in both an immediate and an eternal sense?

Beyond Attending Mass—4 Ways to Sanctify All of Sunday

Do you know how to live Sunday as the Lord’s Day?

Attending Mass is only one part—albeit the most important one—of keeping Sunday holy. But the commandment to keep holy the Lord’s Day doesn’t stop there. Rather, we should strive to sanctify the whole day. Here are four ways we do that.

We are faithful Catholics with solid formation in the Faith. We will always do our best to communicate the Truth in accord with the teachings of the Church. We are not, however, theological experts.

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